First International Symposium on Auditory Graphs

Sunday 10 July, 2005
University of Limerick, Ireland

The First Symposium on Auditory Graphs will be held on Sunday July 10th, in conjunction with the International Conference on Auditory Displays (ICAD), in Limerick, Ireland, July 6-9, 2005.

It is time for researchers and developers in the field of auditory graphs to pause for a moment of reflection, to summarize lessons learned thus far, and create a plan for continued work. The Symposium will gather researchers from around the world who are experts in the development or study of auditory graphs, and/or experts in various topics related to auditory graphs. Example topics include perceptual, conceptual, cognitive, and design issues, as well as implementation. The symposium will also be open to any others with an interest in the field. Support for the Symposium has been provided by the ICAD2005 conference, and by the Perception and Performance Technical Group (PPTG) of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.


Papers submitted to the Symposium were peer reviewed, and the papers that were accepted for inclusion in the Symposium are listed on the Accepted Papers web page, which lists the Authors, Abstract, and a link to the full paper in PDF format. We are making the papers available in advance so that attendees may read the papers before arriving at the meeting. This should help jump start the meeting, and provide background to the discussion. You can download individual papers, or the whole bundel as a ZIP archive. The papers that were accepted for the Symposium and also selected for inclusion in the Symposium Proceedings will be included in the ICAD Conference Proceedings, in a special section for the Symposium.


Note: the following refers to the format of submissions. Since the submission deadline has alrady past, it remains here mostly for archival reference.


The Symposium schedule will include invited and submitted papers (these will be included in the ICAD2005 Proceedings), leading into a structured group discussion, working toward a summary of:

We are hoping to get brief position papers from many researchers in this field so we will have plenty of material in advance of our discussion. The idea of the position paper is to lay out your research, your views and opinions about the status of the field of auditory graphs, and where you think the field should head (i.e., what needs to be done in terms of research, development, tools, education, etc., etc.). You might frame this in terms of what issues you have addressed, and what you would like to see addressed in the future. Or you might frame this in terms of the needs of a particular constituency of users. Or perhaps just a wish list of things you would like to see.


Papers should be submitted in the ICAD format, and not exceed 5 pages. (ICAD Submissions format). See also

Submissions should be sent via e-mail to by the deadline of March 31st, 2005.

You may submit papers that present new data, or provide a summary or overview of research in your lab, or historical perspectives, or your views on what research needs to be done, or position/opinion statements regarding the field of auditory graphsÉbasically whatever you feel will be relevant and beneficial to the discussion that is planned. Note that even if you are unable to attend, a paper submission is most welcome.


Bruce Walker, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Terri Bonebright, DePauw University, USA
S. Camille Peres, Rice University, USA