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Important Dates

- Pre-workshop Material Published here by: September 1, 2021

- Please view the pre-workshop material before the workshop.

- Virtual Workshop: September 9 & 10, 2021.


As automated vehicles become more prevalent, designing interfaces that best fit all users, especially ones in minority populations, is a pressing but difficult goal. System-driven adaptation is a commonly used approach as it is easier and created by experts but, has innate flaws. Customization, on the other hand, allows users to consciously alter the interface to appear and operate in a manner most suited to their needs and wants. However, various components of the interface have different constraints, capabilities, and requirements with the amount of customization appropriate. In this workshop, we will dissect an expansive taxonomy for customization and develop a series of levels in order to get the full benefits from customization, which in turn can help engineers and designers in creating more user-centered systems.

Workshop Goals

The overall objective of this workshop is to reconcile research in customization from various fields in order to inspire an interdisciplinary investigation into how personalizing can benefit and limit users on both overt and hidden levels. That is, defining the role of customization in UI, its range, and dissecting its taxonomy to build a more recognizable and comprehensive model for engineers and researchers. Specifically, we aim to discuss what features of automotive UI's can be standardized and what should be customized, and work towards creating a taxonomy.

Pre-Conference Video

Pre-workshop Survey:


First Day Second Day
Organizer and participant introductions Recap of the first day
Question and answer session Breakout groups: Customization taxonomy
Breakout groups: Standardization in Automated Vehicles Breakout group presentations
Breakout group presentations


Sidney Scott-Sharoni
Engineering Psychology PhD Student in the Sonification Lab, Georgia Institute of Technology
Myounghoon Jeon
Associate Professor of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech
Nadia Fereydooni
Human-Centered Computing PhD Student in the Sonification Lab, Georgia Institute of Technology
Andreas Riener
Professor for Human-Machine Interaction and Virtual Reality at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI)
Bruce Walker
Professor in the School of Psychology and the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech
Philipp Wintersberger
Researcher at TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology).