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Mobile Audio Designs (MAD) Monkey v.1.0
(April 26, 2005)


MAD Monkey is a project of the Psychology Department's Sonification Lab at Georgia Institute of Technology, overseen by Bruce Walker, PhD. This system was motivated by the System for Wearable Audio Navigation because there was no design tool for the auditory interface. MAD Monkey is software which allows a designer to prototype a spatialized audio environment, and contains much of the functionality that a full-fledged design environment should have.

MAD Monkey is written in MATLAB.  Any computer with MATLAB installed should be able to run the application.



(note: click on the thumbnails to view a larger screen shot in a new window)

MAD Monkey when it is first opened.  There are demo sound files which allow the user to interact with much of the system immediately.
Once the application is opened, the file list needs populated.  Currently, all sounds need to be placed in the same directory as the software.
The audio is viewable as a spectrogram as well.

Future Developments:

In future versions of the MAD Monkey, we plan to include:


Download MAD Monkey version 1.0. (April 26, 2005)


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