Project Ideas

Not an exhaustive list, and likely somewhat out of date, but at least represents the kinds of projects we will do, depending on needs, lab research goals, and fit to 8803 students' skills and interests.

SWAN 2.0 - Bruce, Jeff
* architecture and implementation on mobile platform
* Indoor localization using UWB
* VR/AR-based wayfinding system
accessible weather app
* Android (finish, test)
* iOS (continue/finish/test)
accessible weather website (finish, deploy)
Accessible Games - Jonathan, Jared, Denise, Hitesh
* Lemonade Stand
* Fantasy Soccer Football, Baseball, Hockey, etc.
* Navy-ish (Navy 2.0)
* Battleship (coordinate plane)
* Other math/numeric games
* Ergonometer/stationary bike to generate power for video games and cell phone charging in Africa
PhET Simulation Sonification (SimSon) - John Travoltage, skateboarder, etc.
weather sonification - or possibly new PhET SimSon of water cycle
school bus info system
* for driver
* for parents
* for school (design and prototype; test)
audio display development and card sorting study
Driving - Thom
* integrate automated driving into driving simulator(s)
* IVAT applications - school bus info system
* driving for the blind - simulator-based feedback and control for basic driving
* Driving research
* Simulator maps, models, scripting, tools… - automated long curvy road
* Eye tracking in simulator
* gesture driving study - basically making an ideal system
sonification of emojis, and of affect more generally, via TTS (mock up some options, test)
neural net sonification - using sound to convey a sense of the processes used by a trained artificial neural network
Accessible MOOCs - Bruce, Carrie
Accessible ILEs (Aquarium, Zoo, Science Museum) - Carrie, Riley
Accessible Stats - Vincent
* develop software (SAS, r, SPSS?)
* evaluate, iterate
* deploy in the field (schools?)
Weather Station - Carrie, Bruce
* Set up weather station equipment, connect to it to get data, and log, graph, and sonify data
Math for the Blind - Denise, Hitesh
* GNIE extensions-line drawing and curves
* GNIE extensions-bar graph
* GNIE extensions-other graph families (pie?)
* GNIE extensions-support for figures, 3D shapes, 3D graphs?
* GNIE extensions-support for word problems
* GNIE extensions-export student answers to “hand in” version
* GNIE extensions-question generation or/and bulk import of questions by teacher (not one-by-one in GNIE, itself)
Sonification Sandbox - Bruce, Hitesh
Electronic White Cane Handle - Derek
Symmetry and Usability - Bruce
* Eye tracking of symmetrical/asymmetrical interfaces
Sonification Projects:
* Weather data sonification
* Gorilla movement/tracking data
* Accessible Fantasy Football sonification
* Aquarium/fish/critter data
* Aquarium fugue interactive exhibit
* Brainwave sonification
* Discus tracking/sonification of track and field movements
* Rowing sonification 2.0
* Other sports/human movement sonification (javelin, dance, walking…)
* Sonification of GAIT with artificial limb/leg
* Sonification of prosthesis movement/alignment/error/grip/etc.
* Sonification of star birth/life/death cycle
* Food and music - Behavior reinforcement of proper eating habits via gamification (a sequencer game w/ fruit icons vs fatty foods- fruit icons are predictable and pleasant, fatty foods and chaotic and dissonant; promotes affective response to healthier foods)
* Music practice tool - promoting proper practice habits with auditory feedback
* Passive environmental sonification (sonifying current traffic conditions, weather, etc, in an always-on manner; aesthetic enough to not be turned off, effective enough to be kept on)
* Use LEAP as a conductor training tool