Georgia Tech Sonification Lab
School of Psychology - Georgia Institute of Technology

Graduate Students
The Sonification Lab is growing and is looking for graduate students interested in doing research in sonification, auditory displays and human computer interaction. The lab is housed by the School of Psychology, but research opportunities are available for graduate students from other areas as well, including (but not limited to) the College of Computing, College of Design, and College of Engineering.

Undergraduate Students
The Sonification Lab also has many opportunities for undergraduates. Positions as research assistants and programmers are both available for either pay or course credit. Tasks for undergrad research assistants include participating in research experiment design, running subjects and gathering data. Programmers are needed to write the software that runs the experiments and stores the data.

We have a variety of projects that need programmers of all types for implementation, HCI students to lead projects, and grad students to manage programs of investigation. Some projects have funding, so paid work is a possibility; other opportunities are intended to be completed first for course credit (special topics, etc.) in CS, Psych, or HCI.

The Georgia Tech Sonification Lab is always looking for programmers. We are primarily seeking students who will work for credit, at least at first. There is a possibility of research funding in subsequent semesters.

We are looking for programmers with skills in Python, Java/JavaScript, Unity, Objective-C, Swift, C#/.NET, R, web tools (especially web audio), and AI/deep learning tools. We build applications, as well as develop tools for our driving simulators, and many online systems.

The Sonification Lab is located in the Coon Psychology building (near Tech Tower). We have several projects requiring a variety of skills. All students with programming and/or IT experience are encouraged to apply. Version control and bug tracking experience a plus.

To apply, send an email expressing your interest and your skills, as well as a resume, to Dr. Bruce Walker (office: J.S. Coon Psychology Building, room 230). If possible, indicate which kinds of projects most interest you.

Sample Active Projects
Projects generally follow the "pillars" of research in the Sonification Lab. See our Research Projects page for an overview of the kinds of projects we work on. There are always new efforts, and we need all kinds of skills (Java, JavaScript, C#, C/C++, Web, databases, iOS, Android, etc., etc.).