Photo of B. Walker
Bruce N. Walker, PhD


My research generally falls into three categories, listed below. Check out the Sonification Lab Web pages for lots of details.


This research seeks to discover the optimal data-to-display mappings for use in scientific sonification and investigate whether these optimal mappings vary within and/or across fields of application. Read more...

Just for fun, check out these sonified Florida Election results...

Auditory Interfaces

Adding context to auditory graphs, auditory displays in wearable computing, wayfinding and navigation using auditory beacons

Human Computer Interaction

Developing sensible, highly effective interfaces between users and a system. We often look at non-traditional, multimodal interfaces.

Here I list some additional and previous work and interesting projects.

PhD Dissertation: Magnitude Estimation of Conceptual Data Dimensions for Use in Sonification

Most data exploration tools are exclusively visual, failing to exploit the advantages of the human auditory system, and excluding students and researchers with visual disabilities. Sonification uses non-speech audio to create auditory graphs, which may address some limitations of visual graphs. However, almost no research has addressed how to create optimal sonifications. Read more...

Masters Thesis: Congruency Effects with Dynamic Auditory Stimuli

As auditory displays become more common it is increasingly important to understand the perception of complex and dynamic auditory stimuli and how the information contained in the various dimensions of these stimuli influences performance. Read more...